Our mission

OSCC Group

began as a commercial and trading holding focusing on importing and exporting goods. With more expansions came greater responsibilities and our cozy company grew into what we are today. OSCC Group is made up of four main holdings, with each of them acting independently and cooperatively. First and Foremost, OSCC is a commercial holding trading everything from petroleum products to nutrition supplements and manufacturing machine spare parts. The letter “O” stands for oil indicating petroleum products. “S” being the spare parts we widely provide for our customers in the region and two “C” s for the commercial and customs services.


King Rox

This Spain based company’s great reputation in manufacturing and distribution of athlete devoted products has its experience to thanks. The company’s broad range of product and services includes everything from nutrition supplements to petroleum products.


This widely known oil company, as the largest of its kind in the region has a strong presence in the UAE market and manufactures automotive, industrial and marine lubricants as well as specialty products.

Blackpearl Resources

BlackPearl is a Canadian-based oil and natural gas company whose common shares are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the symbol "PXX". The Corporation's Swedish Depository Receipts trade on the NASDAQ Stockholm Exchange under the symbol "PXXS". BlackPearl's primary focus is on heavy oil and oil sands projects in Western Canada.